To all creators,

Let us start by saying - the future of food starts with you. Food is the linchpin to our society - it influences behavior changes, shapes our culture and can even cure sickness. Food is powerful but it has been controlled by big corporations who basically determine what we eat. Until now. We created Cura to take control back and give people the ability to create the future of food and who better to lead the way than CREATORS like you. You've probably seen big creators like Mr. Beast, Emma Chamberlain and Logan Paul come out with their own food products because they wanted to create something better. Instead of relying on sponsorships or partnering with an existing brand they decided to do it on their own to reap more of the benefits. More and more creators are realizing they can do the same but not everyone has the same resources as Mr. Beast or Logan Paul. At Cura we're leveling the playing field by curating all the tools you need to create your dream collection of products and to do it FAST. Let's create the future of food together. - Cura Team

Meet the team

We're a team of creators, foodies, engineers, scientists, who like to make the world a better place.

Jose M. Perrone

Co-Founder & CEO

Krishna Chatpar

Co-Founder & COO

Grace Smith

Head Digital Designer

Tony Malouf

Head Process Engineer

Gabe Perez

Marketing Guru