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Meet Cura. The product studio for creators to launch, scale, and manage their own food products - all in one place.

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Trusted by the world's top creators.

Anyone with a community can create a food product. Whether you're a health-coach, chef or the fastest growing YouTuber!

More sales. Less hassle.

Launching a product-line has never been so easy.

Pick your product

Connect your social media accounts to access your unique data and determine your most successful options.

Engage your audience

Select from hundreds of food options and customize your ingredients. Create authentic options your audience will drool over.

We'll prepare and fulfill

We work with the best suppliers and fulfillment centers in the world. Top-tier ingredients and food-safe environments mean that your brand is our priority.

Earn a percentage of sales for life

Create a vertical, not a one-time endorsement. Own your brand and collect a percentage of sales for life. Launch new items to continually engage your audience and drive more revenue. Cash out daily.

Our awesome features

Cura helped make my dream come true!

With the help from Cura, I was able to come out with my own granola product line. This has been something I have been wanting to do for years but it was always too intimidating. Cura made it so simple and affordable.

Create your product with Cura and see results.

Launch and sell your product worldwide.

1000's of recipes to choose from.

Over 30% returning customers.

We help you launch 10x faster than anyone else.

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Launch in just three weeks!

Reducing development and management costs.

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